About Us

by Yves Tumushimire

Nutrirwanda founded by enthusiastic nutritionists students in 2017, With one aim of looking for nutrition trends not fads and do advanced research to clear ambiguity behind headlines with goals of matching them with local people. We don’t blindly accept every information as truth but we critical analyze them before we present to our audience.

As Nutritionist Experts with outstanding software development skills, our job is to to apply technological innovation to communicate vital nutrition information.

It is obvious that Rwanda embrace the use of technology in all sector. Majority Rwandan people use internet to communicate and get informed. Nutrirwanda we took the chance to reach out those people and help them to have better, long and healthy life.

Nutrirwanda is aRwandan initiative solution that provide services that are exclusively for Rwandans. Apart our application which is in Kinyarwanda, we will use local consumed foods, we will provide evidence-based and data-driven interventions that are specifically for Rwandans Audience. we strongly believe that our applications will help community health workers to interpret well anthropometric measures.

Our Vision

A leader in the delivery of nutrition services.

Our Mission

Provide timely nutritional information and evidence-based dietetic practises to support our customers’ health goals

Why we made Nutrirwanda?

  • Effectively use available technologies to participate or create public awareness campaigns about nutrition in Rwanda
  • Educate for behavior change, consultee and recommend people food choices to fight all forms of malnutrition within their means and aids they get in Rwanda.