by Philemon kwizera, RN

The food you eat can either be the safest and most potent form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.
—Dr. Anne Wigmore-

Rancid and oxidized oils have been infiltrating our food ecosystem for decades and are extremely dangerous. This happened in great part due to the nonfat/low-fat faulty research that sent us headfirst into a bucket of margarine and led us to believe that canola oil was a healthy food.

These food-like products are not food at all. Margarine is one step away from plastic, and sunflower or canola oil (from the rapeseed plant) is heavily processed and bleached to remove the awful stench it gives off. Reducing the consumption of these
oils is not enough. I suggest you run very quickly in the opposite direction, or your liver is likely to pay the price. Also included: storing unwanted, unneeded, and unnecessary visceral fat.

One of the biggest dangers to our collective wellness is rancid and oxidized vegetable oils. These cheaply made, highly processed oils have been extracted from plants, sometimes using a harmful chemical, hexane, in the extraction
process. Listen up: your body does not know how to digest these oils, as they were never meant to be food.
Soy oil, corn oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, canola oil, “vegetable oil,” and even olive oil blends are inflammatory.

Remember: inflammation and toxicity are the root causes of disease. These omega-6-based oils are inflammatory and need
to be avoided.

Vegetable oils and oil blends are literally everywhere. Go ahead, and ask your server at the restaurant what kind of oils they use. If she happens to say olive oil, ask if it’s a blend. Many restaurants use a blend of olive and canola oil because it’s cheaper than using 100% extra virgin olive oil. They take liberty by calling their blend “olive oil.”

Next time you eat at a hot bar (even from your so-called health-food-focused local grocery store), look at the ingredients in the dishes. If they are not listed, ask. You may be amazed at how sunflower oil and other health-deflating oils have found their way into numerous foods

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