Over the years the health sector is improving everyday especially when it comes to nutrition career seems to be lagged behind, but nowadays changes are appearing to everyone that nutrition is more important in human life, The following list has identified nutrition companies that are characterized by pioneering, self-reinforcing value creation for all stakeholders


Nutri-Sante Rwanda is a comprehensive nutrition cabinet center staffed by the registered nutritionist-Dietitian and other health care professionals who focused on extensive nutrition treatment and diets. It aims at inspiring and helping people to live a healthy lifestyle.

Nutri-sante Rwanda uses different ways of diets for managing nutrition-related disease including Blood Group Diet, Duke Diet, Keto Diet and so on both have been approved to be an effective help in weight loss and other chronic diseases.

Philemon Kwizera and Umulisa Claudine are the nutritionists from Nutri-Sante that provide relevant nutrition education on weight management specifically losing and gaining weight, managing Non-Communicable Diseases by using nutrition such as Heart attack, cancers, Asthma and COPD as well as Diabetes and Hypertension, Stomach disease management, nutrition education for pregnant and breastfeeding women, under 5 children nutrition guidance, adolescent nutrition guidance, sports and nutrition, health, nutrition and exercise education for households, companies, institutions and organizations on top of that there is dietetic shop.

It is located Opposite, KK 10 Ave, near Zinia market -Kigali and you may contact 0788 729 794 or 07888 38 753 for more information


Amazon nutrition and reflexology therapy ldt, is a Rwandan registered private company, which specialized in complementary-natural treatments that treat and prevent common diseases and ailments

They are a private health and nutrition care facility focusing on Nutrition treatment and diet therapy. They believe that good Nutrition is a plan for maintaining a healthy lifestyle They, therefore, help people meet their nutrition body requirements to solve all risk factors related to poor diet.”Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” They are convinced that a change in your diet can take real adjustment. they offer clients long time support on their journey of achieving good health and total wellness.

It is located KG 173 St, Kigali, for more information call 0788 906 119


La Prevenche Ltd is a nutrition cabinet with experienced nutritionists who provide professional advice about diet with the purpose

  1. To avoid diseases and other problems associated with inappropriate diet.
  2. To help people who suffered diseases that can be treated or reduced with the use of a proper diet that facilitates general treatment patients get from doctors.

La Pervenche Nutrition Cabinet improves people’s lifestyle and diet by giving them valuable information. they are committed to improving lifestyle and diet in all aspects. They use blood groups to help fix people ‘ lifestyles and diet using your blood group whether you have O+/-, A+/-, B+/- and AB+/-

It is located KK 10 AVE / IMELA HOUSE
Kicukiro, Kigali, Rwanda for more information call +250 780 626 378+250 788 606 046

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